Salina Library Circulation Policy

How to Get a Card

You need a current photo ID with current address OR two forms of identification which together show a current photo and current address. Frequently used types of identification include: current driver’s license, automobile registration, National Grid or telephone bill, tax receipt, sheriff’s identification, or school or college identification card.

Classes and groups of more than 5 people must submit completed card applications at least 24 hours in advance.

A child 5 and over may register for a library card if a parent or legal guardian presents a photo ID or other address verification. Children ages 8 and over may follow the same procedure or may present their own name and address verification.

Parents have the responsibility for a child’s card and any financial obligations incurred on it until the child’s 21st birthday unless the child was an emancipated minor at the time of registration.


Start Your Library Card Application Process Online

Patrons who are at least 13 years old can begin their library card application online. When you register online, you will receive a temporary barcode number that you can use to request materials and do other operations online. See above for acceptable forms of ID. Then come into the library and verify your current address with a picture ID or two other forms of ID to receive your permanent library card. After you have your permanent card you can check out items.

To begin the online card application click on “Get a Card” at


Using Your Library Card

Your OCPL card may be used at Salina Library, the Central Library in downtown Syracuse, at eight branch and two satellite libraries in Syracuse, and at 20 other suburban libraries in Onondaga County.


Library Card Responsibilities

You are responsible for all materials borrowed on your card. Parents and guardians of minors are responsible for materials borrowed on their children’s cards. Change of address or a lost or stolen card should be reported to the library immediately. Materials borrowed on an unreported lost or stolen card remain the responsibility of the cardholder.


Materials Check Out

Most materials are loaned for 3 weeks; some special materials, like Interlibrary Loan or new books and DVDS, may have different loan periods. Your receipt, issued when you borrow materials, indicates the return dates. You can view the due dates of all items you currently have checked out with your library card number and PIN in the “My Account” section at


Renew by Phone

To renew by telephone call 315-454-4524; you will need your library card number.


Renew in Person

Visit any OCPL location, with or without the materials in hand.


Renew Online
You can renew online by clicking on “My Account” at You will need your library card number and PIN.


Automatic Renewals

Salina Library automatically renews your items for you: more time to enjoy; less likely to be overdue. Three days prior to the due date, your items will automatically be renewed, if no one else has requested them, up to two times.

Most items can be renewed up to two times if there are no outstanding requests. Grab & Go books have one renewal; Grab & Go movies, park passes, and devices (including but not limited to, tech packs, Wi-Fi hotspots, and Rokus) do not have renewals.


Why Can’t I Renew My Item? 

Items cannot be renewed if there is a hold placed on the item. Additionally, there is a limit of two renewals on most library materials, after that, the system will not allow you to renew it again.


Returning Materials

Most library materials borrowed from Salina Library may be returned to any other OCPL library in Onondaga County. All Interlibrary Loan materials, Grab & Go materials, park passes, and devices (including but not limited to, tech packs, Wi-Fi hotspots, and Rokus) need to be returned to Salina Library. This requirement will be marked on the item.


Fines & Fees

Salina Library offers 1 grace day on all items. Most items are fine free.  Devices (including but not limited to, tech packs, Wi-Fi hotspots, and Rokus) and special items (including but not limited to, Interlibrary Loan materials and park passes) accrue fines. Veterans and active duty military members are not charged fines.

Borrowers will be charged the cost of replacing lost or damaged items.

Please Note:

  • OCPL sends overdue notices through email or by telephone, but does not send bills for fines or charges.

  • Charges for Interlibrary Loan materials are determined by the owning library.

  • Salina Library patrons may use a credit card to pay their fines and fees with a $3.00 minimum online at under “My Account”; you will need your card number and PIN.

  • Cards of borrowers who owe more than $10.00 in fines or fees or who have long-overdue materials are not valid until charges are paid or materials returned.

  • In addition, all overdue library accounts in the amount of $100 or more will be referred to Unique Management Services, a collection agency. A service charge of $10 is applied to each account submitted for collection.

Special Loans:

At the discretion of library staff, special 6-week loans of not more than 15 books may be granted. New materials are not available for 6-week loan. Nonfiction books are limited to 3 books on any one subject.



All user records are confidential. Each user’s right to privacy and unrestricted access is reaffirmed by the ALA’s Library Bill of Rights and New York State Law, Article 45, Section 4509 on confidentiality. Information on the status of any card is available upon request to the cardholder only. Parents and legal guardians may request information about a child’s library records only if the child is present and consents to the release, or if the child is not present but provides dated written consent.

Approved: 10/18/2021