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Salina Library Code of Conduct

To ensure a safe and appropriate environment for the conduct of library business, please follow the Code of Conduct as established by the Board of Trustees of Salina Free Library. Failure to comply with this Code or to follow staff instructions will result in loss of library privileges up to and including removal from the premises and exclusion from the library for a period to be determined. A patron whose privileges have been denied may have the decision reviewed first by the Library Director and then by theSalina Free Library Board of Trustees. Federal, state and/or local law enforcement agencies may be contacted where the violation involves criminal activity.


Prohibited Behaviors or Activities:

Abusive, obscene or threatening language and/or behavior

Alcohol or illegal drugs

Animals, except certified assistance dogs

Bare feet or chest

Blocking aisles or exits

Exhibitionism, voyeurism or lewd behavior

Feet on furniture or walls

Food and beverages at computer tables



Noise disturbing to others

Offensive bodily hygiene

Panhandling, petitioning, soliciting or selling merchandise

Rollerblading or skateboarding, inside and outside

Sexual harassment


Smoking, vaping or use of tobacco products


Theft of or damage to library, patron or staff property

Unattended children under eight years old or whose behavior requires supervision

Violation of the Internet policy, including display of obscene or pornographic materials

Weapon possession

OR Failure to follow staff instructions

Adopted: 2/20/2017