Salina Library Internet Access Policy

Salina Library offers access to the Internet to provide an electronic means of reaching ideas and information, greatly expanding its information services beyond the traditional collections and resources. Salina Library will offer fair and equitable access to all users and will create materials that lead them to interesting and useful Internet destinations and resources.


Before using the Salina Library’s connection to the Internet, you should be aware that:


Use of the children’s area computers is reserved for children and teens under the age of 16. The library will not limit children’s access to these computers.


The computers in the children’s area use Internet filtering software. No filter is completely accurate. Filters may falsely block constitutionally protected speech or may fail to block access to illegal or objectionable material. Parents should inform their children of materials they do not want them to use and may wish to supervise their children’s Internet sessions.


Youth under 16 are required to have parental or guardian permission for unfiltered Internet access. Parents and guardians are responsible for supervision or restriction of their children’s use of the Internet.


Not all sources on the Internet provide information that is accurate, complete, current, legal or philosophically acceptable to all citizens.


Salina Free Library is unable to monitor or control the content of the materials on the Internet.


All Internet users are advised to protect personal information.


All users of electronic information resources are expected to use these resources in a responsible manner. If a computer user’s conduct disrupts the Library or its computer network, it will be considered a violation of this Policy and appropriate action will be taken against the violator.


Users are required to comply with all licensing and copyright regulations that may apply to systems or software.


Text or graphics that may reasonably be construed as obscene may not be sent, received or displayed over Salina Library connections.


Patrons using computers in the library may not display graphic pornography that is inappropriate for a public and open environment.


Children using computers in the Children’s Area may not display pictures that are inappropriate for the environment of the Children’s Area.


The Internet Access Policy is subject to revision at any time. Internet users are responsible for keeping informed of any changes.


Use of the Internet for activities that violate local, state or federal laws is prohibited.


Failure to comply with the Internet Access Policy may result in loss of access. Federal, state and/or local law enforcement agencies may be contacted where the violation involves criminal activity.

Policy adopted: 2/19/2007